Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Marketing Tips

Here are a couple links to other blogs with some quality info

Your Article Marketing Job Is To Impress Your Target Audience

People often argue that the only reason to write articles for the Internet is to gain that illustrious back-link for the purpose of influencing one’s Link Popularity with the search engines. For years, I have been standing against this ...

Mikey: Email Marketing Tips - Edition 1

Thanks for the tips, man. I keep watching this. Copyright 2008 by John W. Furst. Some Rights Reserved. Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5. - If you find this content on a site that is violating our copyright, please, report its URL to us. ...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Social Marketing Techniques

To attract truly interested prospects to your business, you can't ignore the power of social marketing techniques.

I've been searching the blogs and thought you may find some golden nuggets of advise in some of these posts so I decided to list 10 quality blogs that I found this week. Most of the posts are fairly recent (within the month) and hopefully you get something out of these posts. Here they are...

Social Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing, is a term dating from 1971 and accredited to Dr. Philip Kotler which is defined as “The use of marketing techniques to promote the adoption of healthy or pro-social behaviors”. In 1995 Alan R. Andreasen, ...

The Single Most Important Ingredient in Your Internet Marketing ...

To generate leads from the internet marketing techniques listed above, there's a lot of factors that go into figuring "how hard" it'll be. Anyone that actually has experience doing these things successfully would do keyword and ...

Comb-Over Marketing

And it's not just the hoary old offline techniques that must be revisited. If you're still focused on search marketing but not social media marketing, are you missing something? If you emphasize great online copy, but are ignoring ...

Headlines That Pull, Persuade And Propel!

Michel Fortin is a direct response copywriter, marketing strategy consultant, and instrumental in some of the most lucrative online businesses and wildly successful marketing campaigns to ever hit the web. For more articles like this ...

Online Marketing Through Social Networking (Part 1)

In part 2 — Online Marketing Through Social Networking Sites (Part 2) — I will detail some more specific networking and marketing techniques. Until then, explore your social networking sites, get comfortable with the features and find a ...

Marketing Techniques That Are Working For Me

Prior to setting up my blog, I spent some time to select wordpress theme, made some SEO tweaks, modified few default setting in wordpress. Now I’m turning to next 5 ways 1) Social media marketing: More than marketing [...]

Step-by-Step Plan to Making Big Profits from Social Networks ...

At the Successful Social Media Marketing seminar on 9th July 2008 you'll learn the techniques I use every day to make big profits from social networks and online clubs and groups - and quite apart from being a great networking ...

Direct Marketing vs Social Media Marketing :: Web Optimization ...

In a recent strategy session, some colleagues and I were discussing a promotion where one position was to focus on a direct marketing approach and another position involved social media, networks and communities. ...

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

This Whitepaper will examine Social Media Marketing, the top players, and some of the marketing techniques being used on Social Media sites today. It will also cover implications in Search Engine Marketing Campaigns and Brand Protection ...

Buzz Marketing in Social Networks

More importantly, these professionals are concerned with the influence these communications have on the social networks in which they occur. The evolution of Word of Mouth techniques has led to a new [...]

So, that's it for this week.

I've neglected this blog for a while due to other projects but I'll be sure to post here a lot more in the future.

See you in a few days.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Most Compelling Video I've Seen

Here's a compelling video.

This looks like a very exciting launch that is coming up by one of the top 10 marketing experts in the world.

Does it inspire you? Does it give you some ideas on how you can market your business?

You be the judge.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Create Promo Codes On Your Website

One of the best ways to quickly add some sales in the offline world is to have a sale or offer coupons. Businesses have been doing this for as long as anybody can remember.

It's no different online.

If you aren't generating online coupons or promotion codes for your website...you should be.

Sign Me Up Marketing is developing custom software to help you with your promo code efforts. We are looking for early "Beta" tester's of this software.

If you are interested, the details are at:


Monday, December 10, 2007

Sign Me Up Pro For Marketers

The verdict is in...

If you want an all-in-one solution for effective email & internet marketing try our new service:

Sign Me Up PRO

A list of features can be found

It's not simply an email autoresponder script. Yes you can automate your email marketing, but there is much more to it than that.

Sign Me Up Pro totally integrates every aspect you need. Features like a build in affiliate management program (run your own affiliate program), FULLY Integrated Customer Relationship Management, Complete...INTEGRATED...Hands-Free Affiliate System, Manage Multiple Mailing Lists With Follow-up Power, Customer Relationship Management Center (Integrated Help Desk)....and much more.

Just as an overview here is a short list benefits:

* Secure digital product delivery
* Automatic download link expiration
* Customer Relationship Management handles follow-up offers, time-delayed and recurring payments, and other timeline events.
* Advanced Email Management allows you to tailor your messages to key target groups - like "Customers who've spent more than $1,000" or "Customers who haven't purchased in over 90 days".
* Lazer-target Marketing Tools. This advanced feature allows you to tailor your messages to "Subscribers who've opened 10 emails" or "Subscribers who've clicked 5 links". Again, you will not find this feature anywhere else!

The list just goes on and on.

Just take a look at the features page:

Sign Me Up Pro Features

For a full list of features.

Check this one out. If you are spending money on an autoresponder account anywhere else, you owe it to yourself to check out some options.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

75 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Not to divert attention away from this blog....

I just came across a blog that you may find helpful. The owner doesn't even know I'm promoting his blog. I just saw the post and knew that it had a lot of solid info and that you may find interesting.

There is nothing for sale but it contains information that many marketers and consultants charge for.

Here's the link:

75 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site


Jason Anderson

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How To Create Fear Of Loss To Increase Sales

How much would your business benefit if you had a whopping 74.4% Opt-In Rate on your squeeze page or even your sales page?

That's a big claim isn't it?

Here's a link to a webcast replay that you can listen to for free.

Click Here.

To see the actual opt-in page..

Click Here.

This is a special treat that I know you will enjoy.