Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We're Interviewing Graphic Designers To Join Our Team


We're really gaining momentum now.

Over the past month, we've been creating strategic alliances with many different internet professionals who are interested in helping us launch and grow our business. It's been a full time job just interviewing different folks, chatting on Skype & Yahoo Messenger, exchanging emails, talking on the phone, etc.

We've pushed back our official launch several times just to develop the relationships we've been so fortunate establish with our new-found partners. We've even pushed back the development of our own website. Geeze!!

But it's been worth every moment.

We've been talking with:
  • Copywriters
  • Graphic Designers
  • Ghost Writers
  • Webmasters
These new partners have given us so much more depth in the way that we will be able to provide services to back up our consulting to our future clients. I've been simply amazed at who is jumping on board with us....even with our website still in shambles, incomplete, and ugly! ;)

I've even had several people go to a portion of our site that says "Coming Soon" and say "Hey, I can help with that". It's simply been amazing to me.

I guess they see what we are putting together and recognize that it's a good concept...soon to be a reality. I've really been humbled by the support I've received as I've been putting this together.

With some of the contacts I've made, you would never guess that these people would actually consider "freelancing"...they are already successful. We've been talking to several well known industry experts (in their field) who see the value of what we're putting together. Maybe they truly understand the big picture and where I'm headed with this company. Who knows?

As a result of these conversations that we've had with our new partners, the shape and direction that Sign Me Up Marketing is going has completely changed for the better.

I'm really excited about the relationships we've established thus far.

There really isn't much that we WON'T be able to provide to our "brick & mortar" businesses as far as internet marketing is concerned.

With that being said...

I'd really like to talk with several more Graphic Designers who would enjoy steady work within the next 60 days.


Just go to http://www.signmeupmarketing.com/partners/

Thanks everybody. You know who you are!

Jason Anderson

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