Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Inspiration For Your Business

If you're feeling beat up, sluggish, or simply unmotivated...

Come back and watch this video. Apply this kind of heart to your business EVERY day!!

Just wanted to share this with you. After you watch it, please leave your comments below.


Mama Arika said...

Awesome video and I actually saw this movie and I was definitely pumped up and ready to go after watching this part! ;-)

Jason Anderson said...

Moma Arika,

Glad you liked the post.

I like the part when he asks "Am I at the 20 yet?"

Then the coach says, "Forget the 20, I want your absolute best!"

At times, we set milestones and goals for ourselves that are too low. We tire when we get close and keep a close eye on these goals...

If we give our absolute best and work through our goals rather that "to" our goals we can accomplish so much more than we originally planned.

Glad you liked the video.